They tried to imagine what this man had done to strip all the shoes of these evil guys!

How can a person bully a dozen people like kindergarten children?
"Boss Yu, are you all right?" Can centrifugal asked before.
I couldn’t help laughing. "What can I do?"
Song Qingqian asked, "What did you … what did you do to them?"
Yu Huifei quickly waved and said, "Don’t … Don’t talk nonsense. I didn’t do anything. What about them? I guess I’m too handsome. Then I told them that I was relieved to love the butcher knife and become a Buddha one by one. They took the initiative to take off their shoes and walk back, saying that they wanted to painfully erase their sins and atone for something."
I don’t believe this lie to ghosts.
Song Qing gave him a dirty look directly!
I will not laugh like a thief, and his expression will be put on. I am just talking nonsense.
Anyway, I won’t admit that I hit them!
"Captain, what do you think?" Song Qing asked
The other party said, "I don’t blame you for being victims. We’ll just take them to the police station later … Of course, if you want to go together, you can go together."
Yu Huifei quickly raised his hand and said, "I won’t go. I don’t know anything. They are just so handsome because of my handsome appearance."
Everyone said, "Shut up! Who believes you!"
To the group of people is angrily shouted "you … you handsome you big ye! You … Ouch … Your ass hurts. "
But from looking at those people who keep rubbing their asses and then at Yu Huifei, I finally asked, "Boss Yu, you won’t be a good man, will you?"
I will not double my eyes, but then I will gather together and say, "It’s not surprising that I am a man that girls like, is it?" By the way, I’m afraid of the dark at night. Do you want to sleep together at night? "
"get out!" Can be directly scolded.
Yu Huifei gathered around Liu Zhuang and touched Liu Zhuang’s pectoralis major. "Brother Liu, I was injured and slept together at night?"
"get out!" Liu Zhuang ran out more than 20 meters away in a breath!
Those security guards look at the rest of the meeting differently!
Those people turned back, and the little eyes were just like the little girl who met the big wolf, as if afraid of this goods coming.
At the same time, I am glad that I just tried to run. If I am alone, maybe …
A gust of wind blew past me and shivered.
Song Qing smiled when she saw this. She found that this guy was simply teasing reincarnation. When can he make a moth?
She doesn’t believe that Yu Hui is not a nonsense, but a hand saying, "Wang Yuhui, Haidi, Song Qing"
Yu Huifei froze, but his reaction was quick and he immediately handed over and said, "Yu Huifei, the biggest handsome guy in the universe!"
Song Qing "@ e $&&y …&&"
The technique of real Song and Qing Dynasties is unique. There are a lot of attention to her when she hands over. This is to show her identity to Yu Huifei. If the other party is also a real martial arts circle, she should be able to understand it and then return the favor in kind.
As a result, as soon as the goods raised their hands, they didn’t pay so much attention, and she knew that this guy was not from the circle.
Is it a person who is not in the circle who can fight more than a dozen Han people at a time?
She asked, "Boss Yu, have you studied martial arts before? For example, boxing, taekwondo, Sanda fighting, etc. "
I will not shake my head "never learned"
Song Qingdao: "What did you practice before?"
Chapter 194 A guest
Yu Huifei bluntly said, "I’ve been practicing long-distance running recently … ten kilometers at a time."
Glasses and others look up at the same time, which is called a face of injustice. No wonder this guy Sun is a long-distance runner!
Song Qing frowned. "Really?"
She hasn’t heard that long-distance running can turn over a dozen people. Since when can long-distance running turn people into fighters?
Soong Ching Dang Yu Hui is not talking nonsense. Anyway, I have never done anything reliable when I saw this cargo. If you open your mouth, it will be Cheng address unknown …
On the way back, the captain of the security team has been befriending Yu Huifei and wants to learn both hands.
I have to think for a long time when I finally nodded. "I won’t do too many things. I’ll teach you if I have a trick to practice."
Everyone’s eyes lit up when this remark came out!
However, glasses, they directly realize that they cover their buttocks with their hands and watch me warily.
Soong ching didn’t speak, holding his arms and waiting to see the rest of the meeting.
See I will not casually took a stick in front of the captain of the security team and asked seriously, "First of all, you have to be prepared that once I make a move, I can’t accept it, which will hurt."
The captain of the security team smiled. "What are we doing? It’ s just that fighting is rough and not afraid of pain! "
I will say, "Second, you have to promise me that no matter what the result is, if you have to send us to the mountain, you are not allowed to make trouble with us. I don’t want to cry. I have to be responsible for your endless talk with me."
The captain of the security team smiled more brightly. "Stop it! I’m not so stingy. Everyone is watching! Boss Yu asked me to promise never to go back on our word and give me a certificate. "
Everyone clapped their hands and shouted to give you a certificate. Don’t worry
I will have to look at these applauding people and say, "This is what you said voluntarily. Don’t blame me for being hard-nosed later."
Then I said, "I’ll show you the last one."
The captain of the security team nodded. "Brother can show me his unique skills once. I’m satisfied. Don’t worry, I won’t be greedy."
Yu Huifei was relieved and suddenly pointed behind the captain of the security team and said, "They are going to run!"