"Don’t worry, the elder housekeeper said that the toad fairy has been involved in my fate, so if I leave this world, he will follow me or leave this world in other ways! So you can safely put the bodhi old zu incarnation at home. This may be one of the few times when you are with the bodhi old zu. The housekeeper said that it depends on my world ability. If I control the world, I can still come back, and my purpose may be to control the world. There is still hope for the bodhi old zu to come back. You must take care of yourself. Don’t wait for the bodhi old zu to come back, but you can’t. Then the bodhi old zu will cry! "

"Well, then what’s with that heavy expression you just had?"
"I just got a message from the housekeeper that I was reincarnated by the man behind the scenes I was dealing with!"
"What do you mean? Enter the reincarnation? " Shenhe Zhinai looked at him with a confused face.
"Oh, simply speaking, I came to this world because I was killed by that guy, and then the housekeeper and they rescued my soul and brought it to this world. In other words, I came to this world for revenge!"
Chapter 6 Rest Crisis!
When Shumao came back from Miaomu Mountain, it was already late, but all the psychics in Huaguoshan got together and discussed the things during the day. After Shumao finished, I didn’t expect them to be so interested in this battle.
"Why don’t you go to rest? This battle is over, and we may encounter more difficult things, so you must keep enough energy. Don’t shout that you are too tired to run and can’t carry weapons when you get to the battlefield. Don’t blame me for treating you as deserters! " Shu Mao said half-jokingly and half-threateningly
"Ah Shu Mao, why are you here?"
"If I don’t come back when you are ready to rest? Are you going to talk here all night? "
"We really don’t have a rest for that Shu Mao’s adult. We have a long rest period. Generally speaking, we have to sleep for weeks or even months when we are resting, and we will wake up for months when we are awake. Shu Mao’s adult, we are really fine if you don’t worry about us."
Mrs. Wen has a big mouth. Here’s an explanation for Shu Mao. At this time, Shu Mao discovered that he ignored the biggest difference between psychic animals and humans, that is, their rest periods are different. If the enemy seizes this rest period to attack, the consequences will be really …
The more Shu Mao thinks about it, the more he feels numb. As far as he knows, the dark beast never seems to need a rest. Anyway, it is a horrible thing for them.
"Well, you go on. I’ll find the elder!"
"What’s the matter? Master Shu Mao, why did your face become so ugly? "
"Nothing, but I still suggest you to recharge your batteries!"
Shu Mao came to talk to them, but now Shu Mao has no idea at all because he found this huge loophole!
The ape elders have just fallen asleep, and their habits are still very similar to those of human beings. This is also the fact that they gradually got into the habit after following the ape family. In wartime, the ape family will channel some monkeys during the day and then channel others at night to give them a rest! This can ensure the maximum combat effectiveness, and it is precisely because of this that the monkeys in Huaguoshan have the habit of sleeping on time.
"Elder, I just found a very embarrassing and possibly fatal problem."
"oh? Shumao, you can still find our hidden dangers when you go out for a circle? "
"Well, it’s really a hidden danger for us. I never noticed it. I wouldn’t have thought of it if I hadn’t seen those guys gathering there to chat without rest when I came back from Miaomushan just now."
"oh? You can say this well! "
"We humans have a very important thing when we are fighting, and that is to rest!"
"Well, do you think if you don’t have a good rest at rest, will you feel tired? I feel that I will see the enemy with presbyopia, but you see the left on your right? And then you hit the left when you make a move? That’s not only a waste of energy, but also an attack on one of our own. The enemy caught this flaw and then you died!
This is the importance of rest, that is, we often say that we should keep our spirits up! "
"Well, after hearing what you said, I find it really important for you to say this, but it’s not a hidden danger, is it?"
"This is about to tell you that I know the situation. You should know that when I first discovered the dark beast, it was Konoha. At that time, I hadn’t come here yet, but judging from the information I have at present, those guys don’t rest. In other words, if they are strong enough, they can always fight! Until they die! "
"What? Why didn’t you tell us such important news earlier? "
"This can’t blame me. I didn’t rest myself when I was with you. I’m embarrassed to rest if you don’t go to rest, aren’t you? But just now, I suddenly realized that normal psychics will be very long when they are asleep, although they are also very long when they are awake, but once they are asleep, it is difficult to wake them up, even if they are woken up, they will become particularly irritable, which will not only be bad for fighting, but also bring us some trouble in fighting! When the time comes, don’t be miserable by our own people before there is a battlefield here! That will be fun! "
"I know what you want to say, Elder. Do you want to say that our psychic beast will endure all the time, but it won’t do? I also said just now that those enemies don’t rest! This is our greatest weakness. If this weakness is exploited by the enemy, then we are really in danger! "
The elder Bai Shumao soon realized that it would be really dangerous if the enemy seized their dormant opportunity and then attacked!
"What do you think we should do now?"
"Except for the psychics who have just gone to sleep, all his psychics go to rest and keep up their spirits. When necessary, we will wake them up in the most urgent state to prevent them from running away. We must say hello to them before so that they can’t get angry with us even if they are woken up, and so that they have no place to vent their fire, just to scatter the enemy! That is to say, if you get a good word, it will help them increase their attack power! "
"I really don’t know what’s in your head. You can think of such a bad move. Well, wait for me. I’ll call them all and tell them what you think. I’m sure they will support you!"
In a short time, the representatives of the four holy places all came, including the snake clan elders, the ape elders, the elders, the adults, and the little slug Shumao. They simply inferred and told them that Shumao’s statement was indeed approved by them soon!
"Issue a new war order. 1. During wartime, all sleeping psychics may be awakened. When they are awakened, they are not allowed to lose their temper. All psychics are treated equally!
2, when not fighting, each base will leave some psychic patrol posts. He will rest when the psychic catches up. It is possible that a war will last for months or more. If you don’t get enough sleep, you are likely to die in the battlefield! "
Some psychics were a little confused when they saw these two notices, but some psychics quickly thought of the meaning behind these two orders.
"Deer King, come on, boss. What do these two orders mean?"
"Real boss not to say that? What should you do if the battle comes and you fight for months or more? I remember Xiao Qi, you have to sleep every seven days, right? Every time you sleep, it’s seven days, right? What do you think if the enemy attacked during the seven days you slept? "
"I wipe the enemy so insidious?"
"insidious? No, it’s not insidious in war. It’s seizing the opportunity! "
Chapter 69 and three generations of dignitaries
"The deer king said yes, this is really very dangerous. He didn’t say that people who have enough sleep would react if they were suddenly awakened?" Magic Yan plugged in.
"Hum, I don’t know about others, but I know that every time I wake you up, your flame will soar!" Xiaoqi is a little disgusted with the magic nightmare. She knows everything. It’s not disgust, but jealousy. The magic nightmare is now beautiful!
"Yes, there are three things that we psychic animals can’t be disturbed. The first thing is that when eating, if anyone inserts it, he always thinks that he will be interested in your food, so fighting is essential! The second thing is * * I think you all know that the third thing is to sleep! Being woken up suddenly while sleeping will make us feel very unhappy. Generally, when we are woken up unexpectedly, we just do it! Even though we sometimes know that we can’t fight anymore, we can still make us want to fight!
All you want is that if the enemy suddenly attacks us while we are sleeping, will that person be miserable? "
Xiaoqi nodded his head and agreed with the deer king.
"Now the boss told us this matter before, so can we hold it when we are woken up again? At this time, the enemy suddenly came to us. What do you think you will do? "
"Of course, rush to dry him to death!"
"Yes, that’s what it means! The boss told us that you can sleep now, but you can’t mess around when I send someone to call you! Then everyone’s anger will be suppressed. At this time, the enemy just came to us. Obviously, the enemy is the best target to bear that anger! We will try our best to drop all our strength to the enemy!
And this means that we can achieve very good results!
This is the boss’s intention! "
"Wow, I can’t believe that a thing as small as sleeping can find out so many tricks. I really want to know what else can baffle the boss!" Xiaoqi cocked his head and thought for a long time, but he didn’t want to come out.
"You don’t want to talk about these things. I’m on patrol. Go to bed early. If you don’t have the strength to fight, don’t blame the boss for being mad!" Magic Yan say that finish directly spread their wings and flew away.
Shu Mao put himself in the room at this time, and he was thinking of being busy telling him that.
"He would be so strong? But no, his strength is not so strong! " The one in Shu Mao’s mouth is a big barrel of Muhuangyue Shu Mao. It seems that this guy, although the psychic world has also planted making trees and made three chakra fruits, has also made them fit with making trees. However, after seeing him, he feels that even if he is strong, he is limited and does not pose a threat to Shu Mao!
Shu Mao feels that he can instantly blow the goods into slag if he wants to fire! This is not a joke, Shu Mao is very serious, so who is the person who once put him into reincarnation? Is the psychic world still hiding unknown strength?
At this time, Shu Mao suddenly thought of a person, a guy who can be called both a person and a psychic, Roland the Moro!
Roland once said that he went to a place in the underworld where there was a terrible seal, and although he untied the corner of the seal, he felt threatened!
Is the guy who put him into reincarnation the character in this seal? But Roland, the Moro beast, also said that the dark breath came from that guy. So the dark scared tree has long been controlled by the unknown strong? It’s Huang Yue who never knew it! And that guy controls the dark beast in order to better absorb the energy of this world and help him recover or break the seal?
Thought of here, Shu Mao couldn’t help but feel a headache. The enemy hiding here is really unusual! Shu Mao thought of another person, who is also a very suspicious object, that is, killing the former BM and coveting the BM to inherit that guy! It has never been proved that he is still the younger brother of the BM. Fox said that even though he had hardly seen each other in those days, he had no impression of him for such a long time!
Well, it’s so much better to go to Shumao and find the enemy. Compared with the ground world, the situation here is more complicated. I don’t know how many times, plus a part of the psychic animal race that has always remained neutral. Although they have remained neutral, Shumao knows that if they want their side to show flaws, they will definitely join the enemy camp without hesitation. Now Shumao really feels that his brain is not enough!
"Should I really call my sister and them?"