However, the walls of Henan are too thick, and Huainan is constantly strengthening these days, obviously to prevent this skill.

I’m afraid it’s hard to win a difficult siege battle rashly.
"You are not shipped from Jiangnan Weaving Bureau …"
Wu Chonghang stopped here.
"The card is the most critical moment."
Little grandpa looked into his eyes. He didn’t think that the military camp was arbitrary. He would listen, but he also had to consider whether it was feasible or not.
"My former Chu State built the Daozong trebuchet, and now it will be less effective to reinforce the tower according to the emperor’s party."
He said slowly
"That thing will be guarded against death once."
Pay attention to surprise in war. How can you fight after you show this "surprise" once?
"General, this first battle decided the outcome. We have to take them by surprise. Now it’s feasible that the rain has stopped!"
Wu Chongxing knelt down eagerly.
"At the end, I will be willing to be a striker!"
Your ya is still a gambler …’
Zhao thief saw the strong enterprise in his eyes.
"This battle is important. Call the generals to discuss it. The generals will make up their minds at last."
Zhao cuo didn’t hesitate to tunnel. He knew that his weight would not be decided by one person.
Any general who goes down in history knows to work together and make the most correct decision.
But it’s not good to listen to your hands, so I finally decided to shake hands to balance the pros and cons.
"Officer, please come here according to the general and others."
Wu Chonghang saluted and retreated.
"Shout …"
Little grandpa sat in his chair and closed his eyes.
He always wants to win the battle, but the result is that he can win without fighting. After all, the cost of the war has already made him feel that he has lost half.
War is the last resort of a country to solve all the dangers in front of it by force. Winning is the road ahead, and losing is all.
"The first world war to the provisions of the trench don’t count two hundred thousand troops ate liangjiang relief food will be sent as munitions …"
Zhao thief knows that once he exports, he can’t win back.
If he retakes the Seven Kingdoms, he will probably be devastated.
The court also obtained money and food to help the people.
"At this time, you still have to think about winning the battle."